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How We Distribution

We maintain quality control in our production starting from the selection of essential materials all the way to the final product.

Products are shipped directly from the producers with planned delivery dates to maintain a smooth logistics.

Products manufactured and harvested based on the market demand and that is the main objective to maintain the freshness of our products.

With more than 200 products we are capable of distributing to multiple of stores at a time and that’s due to the smart infrastructure available within the supply chain.

The products are directly supplied to our stores to maintain the freshness and quality within the brand.

The flexibility that nature farm offer interims of the supply chain allow us to cope with the changes of the market demands and needs.

When reaching the product to the final destination which is our houses we are sure that our products will fulfil your taste buds.

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Nature Farm as a Company has always been at the forefront of introducing new technologies and methods that improve the quality of how we work.

Our Clients



The UAE`s growth as a tourist hub has seen a dramatic increase in the number of restaurants and hotels. In order to meet the demands of a sophisticated and discerning client base we have created a ‘one stop shop` for their daily requirements, ensuring our clients are guaranteed with reliable delivery of the highest quality products, while maintaining the best value for money. 

We have a dedicated team of more than 35 sales and support professionals to serve the HORECA sector. 


Where to find us

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