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Only Organic, Only Sicily

Weekly Baskets

Palike project is the natural evolution of a Family Company which has a very long history of three generations Family, started more than one hundred years ago. A story passionate, fragrant, colorful, just like our oranges. From grandfather to father, from father to sons, our family living and working nearby volcano Etna. All our product coming from our land in Sicily, South Italy. After various evaluations, we decided to launch jams made with oranges from our land. But our ambitions were clear; we want to improve our products range, selecting only the best possible producers for each product. Our long-lasting and fair relationships with our farmers guarantee that we know exactly where all of our ingredients come from.

Now our range of products covers:

Compote made with Organic fruit and Organic Grape Sugar without Pectin and Citric Acid; Various kinds of Pasta made with Sicilian Ancient Grain "Timilia" Organic and Sitilian Ancient brain "Russells" Organic; Tomato and various condiments always organic and Vegan and various sweet Spread made with nuts 100% Organic. That means a world of organic choices!

Palike: Only Organic, Only Sicily

Therefore our compotes have very few ingredients (two or three), all - natural, healthy and from Organic farming 

NO Refined Sugar

NO Cane Sugar

NO Liquid Sweeteners

NO Pectin

NO Citric Acid

NO Sodium Citrates

NO Potassium Citrates

NO Other Additives 

YES Italian Organic Farming

YES Few Ingredients

YES Certifications


ORANGE and GINGER Organic Compote

Compote Orange and Ginger is a mix that gives it a slightly spicy taste that will accentuate the freshness of the orange. It goes well with fruit salad.



Our Clementine Compote is another of our best sellers. This is also an excellent choice for breakfast. Excellent also, on hot bread and rusks.

RED ORANGE Organic Compote

Another best seller of our production is the Compote of Red Oranges, for us one of the best options for breakfast or snack.


Sicilian Tangerine Compote is one of our best sellers. An excellent choice for breakfast or for filling tarts and cakes. Tangerine by its nature has an unmistakable taste and sweetness that make it irresistible.

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