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We’ve been making delicious Greek dairy since 1960. Hand-crafted at the Kourellas family farm in Grevena, a region known for its exceptional dairy products, our first batch of feta cheese was made with fresh sheep and goat’s milk. Absolutely nothing else. We still make it exactly the same way. To keep up with demand, in 1985 we moved to a bigger, brand new dairy. Combining traditional recipes with modern technology, we developed a whole range of Greek yogurts, milks and artisan cheeses. All made with just a handful of natural, local ingredients.

In 1996, we founded Greece’s first organic dairy. You might say we were ahead of our time. Organic certification for dairy products didn’t even exist in Greece back then. Today, our award-winning organic range is exported worldwide. And we’ve helped many farmers to follow our lead. Happy, well-fed animals produce the healthiest, tastiest dairy. That’s why most of our milk comes from our own organic certified farms. And that’s why we set up our non-GMO animal feed business in 2009. We provide nutritionally balanced feed to our family farms and all our suppliers. And we work with international institutes to ensure the highest standards of animal welfare. We are committed to producing dairy that’s 100% pure and natural. To ensure our supply chain is totally transparent, we manage every step of the production process. From feeding our sheep, goats and cows to sourcing the organic fruit for our yogurts, we know exactly what goes into every one of our products. Because we take our responsibility to sustainability personally.

Tomato & Oregano Feta Bites

For those who love the cheese adventures, we have created a unique range of innovative products that redefine Greek classics. Combining the latest technology and the freshest ingredients, from our ready-to-bake appetizers to cheese snacks, they all bring out the best in Greek dairy.​

At the Kourellas family dairy, we’ve created a tempting range of cheesy treats, made with nothing but nature’s finest ingredients. To be healthy and fit, eat like a Greek!

Ingredients: Organic Feta & organic Kefalograviera cheese (organic sheep & organic goat’s milk, salt, vegetarian rennet, lactic acid culture), Organic green peppers, Organic sundried tomato, Organic extra virgin olive oil, Organic oregano.

Organic Goat Cheese

Crafted and matured exactly the same way as feta, our white cheese is made with cow’s milk or goat’s milk or a delicate blend of sheep and goat’s milk. Highly nutritious and utterly delicious. Our artisan goat cheese is naturally matured in brine, so the crumbly texture and piquant flavor stay fresh longer. 100% natural, it’s made with nothing but quality ingredients and the utmost care.

Ingredients: Pasteurized organic goat’s milk, Natural sea salt, Vegetarian rennet, Lactic acid culture.

Sheep & Goat’s Milk Feta Cubes

Feta has been an essential Greek cheese for centuries. Made with pure sheep’s milk, or a combination of sheep and goat’s milk, our creamy feta, plain or combined with herbs and vegetables, is a healthy addition to your diet, any time of day.​

At the Kourellas family dairy, we’ve been perfecting our organic feta cubes since 1996 using nothing but nature’s finest ingredients. To be healthy and fit, eat like a Greek!

Ingredients: Pasteurized organic sheep’s milk ( 70% Min) and organic goat’s milk (30% Max), Natural sea salt, Vegetarian rennet, Lactic acid culture.

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